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Please call me, send a text or type a private message through the wonderful 'Juniper Styling' facebook page,

I look forward to hearing from you.


Definite prices given after full consultations face to face. 


Mastercard, Visa or Eftpos, as means of payment.

Professional  colours are used at Juniper Styling.

Some of the services 'approximate prices' are listed below:


Above shoulder length, haircut and blowdry, from $70

Hair up styles, from $120

Hot iron straightening fine to medium texture, from $70


Solid regrowth colour plus haircut and blowdry, on short hair from  $150


Highlight Prices:

half head plus toner and hair cut : from $280

full head plus toner and hair cut: from $350

Hairdressing in Chapel Hill with Debbie
Hairdressing in Chapel Hill with Debbie
Hairdressing in Chapel Hill with Debbie

Debbie is experienced in all your hair needs, and is committed to helping you achieve the look that you are after whether it be:


* styling for a formal occasion - blowdry, straightened, curled, put up for a wedding or formal occasion

* all colouring- lightening or darkening your existing colour, highlights, simple regrowth to match your existing colour, correct a hair colour you are not happy with and give you advice on how to take care of your coloured hair and much more 

* all haircuts, whether they be casual or structured styles, razor cuts, structured bob cuts, soft shaped styles

*also skilled in dealing with all hair types:  curly, straight, thick or thin


It is very important to Debbie that your hair style looks amazing and suits you and your lifestyle, between visits.


Juniper Styling only uses professional products on clients' hair through the entire service.

While no products are available to buy during  your visit, Debbie can give you advice on the products that would be most beneficial for you.



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